Undergraduate coding projects



3D Indoor Modeling Based on OpenGL and OpenCV

Type: Computer Graphics, SRTP(Student Research Training Program), Zhejiang University
Team member: Yuxian Deng, Ruolan Tang
Description: Created windows software in QT which could generate 3D architecture models based on the linear features of the uploaded 2D architecture drawings from an interactive architecture modeling method. Senior Year, Zhejiang University, 2014-2015.


Java Application

Plant an Apple Tree

Type: Java  Design and Programming
Description: All the graphics are written in code, except one background tree image in winter season.
Created for Multimedia Design/Programming term project, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. December, 2015.

Recursive Chinese Traditional Painting Tree

Type: Java Design and Programming
Created for one of the project of Multimedia Design/Programming, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. October, 2015.


Updating in progress….


GLSL Shader


Motion Design


Generative Art